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Back Pain Relief – Choosing the Best Mattress and Chairs

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Most people have been complaining about the discomfort brought about by back pain. This is because back pain can really be irritating at times and can really make your moods rise up. This is quite normal because you don’t get happy when you have back pain, do you? You hate experiencing back pain and it’s so funny you always experience one. This is not just about coincidence and that time is playing joke on you. Back pain is very common among people – men and women, old or not, working or at home. Bottom line is, anyone can experience back pain – any person who have muscles and bones undergo this common condition. Some people have said that because people overuse their muscles and body on working and doesn’t take enough time to rest and relax, they experience back pain. While this might be true, there are also some cases on which the situation and the things around us are the reasons to be blame.


When you are working in your office for longer hours and don’t take rest, you get back pain due to improper posture and wrong sitting position – these two things are the most common reasons. However, there are also some cases on which because of your office chair that you feel uncomfortable and develop back pain in the process. A chair that doesn’t provide full support for having a good posture cans also be a thing to be blame. You might be thinking that you can’t do anything about it because the chairs are given and provided by the company. With a small effort from you and a few bucks from your wallet, you are sure to get the best office chairs for back pain and you don’t have to worry about the uncomfortable feeling of sitting on a weird office chair.

The best office chair is the one that can provide comfortable support to your spine and are adjustable so they can be fine tuned to work with your body’s distinctive shape and can cope with your work.  Here are some tips on buying a best office chair for back pain relief:

  • First thing first, before buying the chair, make sure that you are comfortable with the chair and the best way to do this is to sit on it. When you sit, make sure that you feel comfortable when doing it – there are chairs that “intimidate” you even at the first sitting and you should look out for it.
  • Choose a chair with good lumbar support in the back rest. Make sure that the lumbar section of the backrest should be curved and fit into the small of your back. Some chairs come with adjustable backrest that allows you to choose the level of support needed for your comfort.
  • Pick a chair that allows some movement or recline in the back rest. The most supportive backrests aren’t locked in place but move with you.
  • Consider the height of the chair when making the decision. Make sure that you determine your height before choosing. When you are tall or short, choose a standard size chair might not adequately accommodate your height and this can somehow lead to back strain.
  • Choose a chair that is perfect for your body size. You should easily fit across the width of the chair with a little space to spare on either side of your thighs.
  • Make sure that the chair can provide seat depth for your body. What is seat depth? This is the measurement of the seat from front to back. If the seat is correct, you will be able to sit with your feet placed flatly on the floor while your back is firmly against your backrest. Most office chairs doesn’t have this and thus people have to deal with high office chairs that make their feet lie above the ground. There should be 2 to 3 inches clearance between the front of the seat and your knees.
  • Find an office hair with adjustable armrest. Armrest should be adjustable so you can always make your arms level with your desk. When your armrest is in a proper position, this will help you keep your body in alignment. However, if you have purchase a chair whose armrest can’t be adjusted, make sure that they can be removed whenever they are not at the correct height.


You might be surprised that even when you sleep, you are also at risk of getting back pain. There are two primary reasons for this – having a bad sleeping posture and having a bad mattress. The first one can be fixed by finding a good sleeping position while the second one entails only one solution – buying a new mattress.

Here are some tips in buying the best mattress for back pain relief:

  • Never purchase a mattress without lying on it first because it is the only way that you can determine if the mattress is the perfect one for your back. When you lie down comfortable and feel that it can support your back fully, and then purchase that one.
  • Choose firmer mattress. People are a lot more in favor of firmer mattress for the reason that it can give full support to their back.
  • Be meticulous on the material use on the mattress. Make sure that the mattress is made from fine and good materials.

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