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5 Most Common Causes Of Lower Back Pain In Women

Any person can experience back pain – not just women but as well as men. But because women being the weaker individual with weaker bones and muscles – tend to experience severe back pain when compared to men. Women have weaker bones and when bone is weak so as muscles, they tend to get brittle and easily gets injured even with simple movements. Men on the other hands are inclined to do the tough jobs because their muscles are stronger and can withstand even carrying heavy objects and lifting heavy things. This is the main reason why you can’t find a women working on the construction site and doing the hard work. If there is any, they might the engineer or the architect but never the workers. Women are always found in the office if not inside their homes taking good care of their children and their family. Back pain in women is common because women, though not as strong as men also have works and activities that can risk them to have muscle strained and injuries.

We feel back pain due to muscle spasms and muscle strained as well as muscle being overused and overstretched. Basically, we don’t know how to make sure that we are not overusing our muscles or whether we are already getting ourselves muscle strain but to take some rest regularly and relax from the things that we do. When you work in the office, take some time to relax and stretch your body a little. You can perform some stretching even when you are at your office. There are many things on which you can prevent back pain from affecting you. You just have to make sure that you know the main cause of it. Here are some lists of common causes of lower back pain in women:

Common Causes of Lower Back Pain in Women

  • PREGNANCY – Due to the added weight on their front area, women experience back pain when they are pregnant. This is a common condition to them. Our back area is the one responsible for supporting our front area and every time we move so when there is an added weight, the back muscles will exert too much effort to support your weight and in the process can stressed itself. This can also be cause by hormonal changes. Pregnant women don’t have to deal with excess weight because of their baby alone but also with the enlargement of their breast.
  • MENSTRUAL CRAMPS – Every month, normally, a women experience menstruation – a natural way to cleanse themselves off and is a clear symptoms that they are not pregnant. However, there are women who experience dysmenorrhea – a painful menstruation period. When women have this condition they often feel pain in their back area.
  • OSTEOPOROSIS – Men and women can have this condition but since women have weaker bones, they are much at risk for this condition. Osteoporosis is a condition on which the bones are too weak and easily gets fractured. This can also be achieved when the person doesn’t have enough calcium intakes – the vitamins that strengthen the bones.
  • Arthritis – Arthritis is a condition on which the joints of the body get inflamed. It can happen to any part of the body that has joints yet the common affected with this is the knees and the arms. However, since our back has also some joints muscles, it can also experience arthritis.
  • Sciatica – This a condition on which the herniated disc in the spine compresses the nerve that travels down the legs which can cause sharp or shooting pains to your back. This is always common during pregnancy.

When face with this situation, there is only one choice left for you to do – get yourself a treatment. Here are some effective ways to get you some pain relief:

  • ICE – Putting ice in the pain area is a great idea since the cold can block the pain signals and can numb the pain. You can get a piece of ice and make sure to wrap it in an empty cloth.
  • HEAT – The same thing with ice, it can also block pain signal as well as making your blood circulation return to its normal ways. Heat also can repair the damage tissues and nerves.
  • OVER THE COUNTER MEDICINE – You can try taking some medicines such as painkillers to relieve yourself from pain. You just have to make sure that when you are pregnant, consult first with your doctor before taking down the medicine. Make sure too that the medicine is not addictive and does not have bad side effects. Often time, side effects can also cause you problems.
  • TENS UNIT – You can use TENS unit when you want to get instant relief from pain. Just make sure that you get a prescription from your doctors and ask them how to use it. Ask questions like what you should do – the dos and the don’ts. This is important because you might worsen your cause instead of solving it.
  • Exercises and Stretches – This are effective ways to prevent you from suffering from back pain . After all, exercises strengthen your muscles and make it elastic. People might find it hard to implement exercise on their daily activities because they are somewhat busy especially the women who are busy tending their families. Women should not worry too much because it doesn’t take so much of their time to do some exercises and stretches. There are easy exercises you can implement.

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