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Inversion Table Weight Capability limit -Various Brands and models Capacity

In this posting, I will be tackling two frequently asked questions regarding weight. The first being the actual weight of the inversion machine and the latter being the maximum weight capacity that an inversion table can handle.

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Inversion Table Weight Capability limitBest inversion table can weigh anywhere from 51-111 lbs. The folding back inversion table weighs 51 lbs and the Ironman ab toner weighs in 111 lbs. Some people like to have a lighter table so they can easily move it around from one room to another and at 51 lbs this will require only one person. Also, another positive factor in the folding back inversion table is that it folds for easy storage and portability. Some other inversion tables do not fold and thus, it requires that you have ample space and moving it around the house or on a family vacation is not very convenient. The fact that a table weighs only 51 lbs compared to 111 lbs does not negatively affect the amount of weight the inversion table can hold.

To highlight this point we will take the lightest table and the heaviest table and compare the max weight capacity. The folding back weighing 51 lbs supports 300 lbs while the ab toner ironman weighs 111 lbs and support max weight 320 lbs. A 20 lb difference shows that the weight of the table does not factor into sturdiness or safety necessarily.

Why Inversion tableMost back inversion tables will support anywhere between 260-330 lbs which take care of the majority of back pain sufferers. If you weigh in over this limit, there are other inversion tables which are mechanical that can be used. However, they are priced in over $1200. It might be a better option to begin another type of therapy before starting inversion.

Teeter hang ups are an excellent option when it comes to a complete package. Both teeter models, the EP series 550 and 950, both are fold able for easy transport and storage, and they support 300 lbs and weight in around 70 lbs. The great thing about teeter is that their inversion hang ups come with a user guide and dvd which educates the end user on how to use an inversion table , the history, and best practices.

What it all comes down to here is the area in which you will be putting your inversion table . Many people who live in a confined space such as an apartment or people who want to put there the table in their master bedroom then getting a folding inversion table is a must. If you are putting this in a garage and you have ample space then looking at a stationary non folding inversion table would be nice. The fixed tables usually will have more bells and whistles than a folding table but at the end of the day, they all will go 180 degrees.

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