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Do Inversion Tables Work to Relieve Back Pain

The reverse traction is a method by which the spine muscles and the ligaments are stretched outwards, to increase the space between the spinal vertebrae. This is also called the inversion therapy, a non-conventional cure for back pain that has existed for almost last 2500 years. When we hear anything that is non-conventional the first question that comes to mind is: Do inversion tables work? The answer is yes. This treatment is once again gaining popularity among the physiotherapists and chiropractors. They use it along with other conventional treatments for back pain , especially sciatica.

What is An Inversion Therapy?

The inversion therapy was used even in ancient times, when the patients were literally hanged in an inverted position to relieve the gravitational pull on the spine. Today, instead of hanging the patients upside down, the physiotherapist use a modern piece of equipment called the inversion table. In this the patient’s body weight is use to stretch the spine. This piece of equipment can be adjusted to the inversion angle with which the patient is comfortable. It can vary from 20 degrees to as high as full 180 degrees.

Normally, in the beginning, the inversion angle is kept low and with time it is slowly increased to improve the stretch on spine. If the patients are not made to get easy with retreatment, then as soon as they will be inverted, they will get tense and the muscles will contract, thereby defeating the very purpose of the treatment.

Inversion table, does it work?

Do Inversion Tables Work to Relieve Back PainThere are many success stories of the inversion therapy concerning patients suffering for long from the acute  back pain , got relieved by this treatment. To know more, search the internet and you will get thousands of responses of people who have been benefited by use of inversion tables. You will get enough information to know exactly answer, inversion tables do they work or not?

The readers will be surprised to know that even the US Army uses the inversion therapy to keep the trainees in top condition during the intense training sessions. This has proved to be very useful to relax the body by inverting the force of gravity and thereby relieving the joints, muscles and spinal vertebrae. The considerably reduce the chances of injury during intensive training.

Many scientific studies have proved the benefits of inversion therapy. One particular study done by Frederick Sheffield has shown that out of 175 persons, suffering from incapacitating back pain , when subjected to inversion therapy, then almost 155 were able to return back to normal working life, a great feat by any standards.

Do inversion tables work for lower back pain only?

There are no doubts about the positive effects of reversal of gravity on spine, especially to cure back pain. But, the benefits of inversion therapy are not limited to relieving back pain . Some other benefits of this are:

  • To improve the body posture.
  • To improve flexibility.
  • To relieve the joint swelling and inflammation.
  • To improve blood circulation.
  • To provide relief from the pinched nerves.
  • To improve blood circulation to head thus improving the concentration and focus.
  • To clam the mind and senses.
  • To relax the muscles.

If the inversion therapy is used for long then the back pain is considerably reduced. The workout can further be improved by adding more of stretching and ab crunches. This therapy is used either in combination of other treatment or alone, it will surely benefit the user.

If you are going to try the inversion therapy for the first time, just consult your doctor first, especially if you are suffering from high blood pressure or have some heart related complication, osteoporosis, circulatory problem or some other issue.

How to get accustomed to the treatment?

If your doctor allows you to go for the inversion therapy, and you are going to try it for the first time, try slowly with lower inversion angles. You can start with 20-30 degrees for just 10 minutes. Once you are accustomed to this, slowly increase angle of inversion. Normally a beginner will be able to go for complete inversion in about 1 month. Once the inversion angle reaches 60 degrees of above, the therapy actually starts becoming effective.

There may be many costly complicated cures for back pain , but inversion therapy gives you a fast, effective and economical cure to even old chronic back pain problems. I am sure that I have effectively answered the question, Do inversion tables work? If you want to know more about the inversion table benefits, click here.


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