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Back Inversion Table: 10 Reasons to Give It a Try

Many people will go to any lengths to be pain free in their life and one of the biggest pains is back issues. While not the first option for those suffering from pain, a back inversion table can work wonders if used consistently.

Listed below I will give you 10 reasons for you to try an inversion table for back pain .

  1. It beats drugs: Painkillers and drugs are the first things that people usually go for when dealing with back pain . While these offer temporary solutions they don’t cure the problem which is internal. Avoid drugs as your main choice for fixing a back problem.
  2. Inversion Therapy is Fun: While it may freak out some people at first, an inversion table can be fun. Hanging upside down is not only fun to do but you can make it something to look forward to as part of your daily routine.
  3. Great Stress Relief: 10 minutes of quiet time away from the world is a great way to relieve stress. Many people who start with inversion table for back pain often continue long after the back pain is gone because of the stress relief that accompanies inversion therapy.
  4. It strengthens back muscles: While the machine does most of the work, your body itself will utilize muscles that you don’t normally use when walking upright. These muscles will work to keep your back and body in place while you perform your therapy.
  5. It’s cheap: Chiropractor trips and massages can add up to thousands of dollars in no time for people with back pain . An inversion table is a onetime investment, usually under $500, for something that you can use for a lifetime if you take care of your table.
  6. You won’t miss your favorite shows: Let’s face it, the #1 reason why people skip the gym is the major time constraint it takes on a day. Once kids come into the picture, one’s free time dramatically decreases to almost nothing. With an inversion table, you can still stay home and watch your favorite shows at night while getting a great back stretch on your inversion table.
  7. It’s good for all ages: Most exercises are great for those of us that can do them, but for older people most core exercises are not really recommended. With inversion table therapy the machine does most of the work and let’s people of all ages enjoy the benefits of strengthening their back with an inversion table.
  8. Everyone is doing it: Inversion tables sales have gone up over 150% in the last five years due to the positive benefits that people in the know: chiropractors, physical therapists, personal trainers and other health related workers are recommending for clients.
  9. Easy Storage: Why Inversion table for back pain relief ? Most inversion tables fold up and can be fit into a small closet. While big gym equipment can hog up your whole apartment, an inversion table can be used and stored until the next day.
  10. Portable: If you travel on a regular basis, we recommend that you buy a smaller more portable inversion table. With the ability to fit in most medium sized cars and fold able, these tables are great for those of us who are on the road.

Using a inversion table has tons of benefits. Above are just some basic ones for those who are still up in the air about purchasing an inversion table for their back problems.

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