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write for usFreak For Fitness is a Fitness guide as well health information portal. Our Initial goal is providing the original and well-researched health information with our audience.But most of the time spammer comes to our website using a search term “write for us” health or “Write for us” Back pain and send a spam article without reading properly our website guideline.If you have any original concept which is related to our website topics then as a contributor anyone can be welcomed but as this is health information sharing website ,so as a contributor, if you have Proper health information and doctors approved health caring tips especially for back pain relief idea or any exercises which can remove   back pain then you are most welcome .But any medicine or supplement reviews could not be published.

Contributor or Guest Author Guideline for Article Writing

If you visit our website using such search term like “write for us” health or “Write for us” Back pain then before contacting us , read bellow properly otherwise we both like you and I just waste our time.

  1. The article must be informative and interesting. Any commercial intent from your given article could not be published.
  2. Your given article must be 1000+ words and well researched and well formatted.
  3. Your Given article must be 100% original. Copy paste or spin article cannot be accepted.
  4. Poorly written as well poorly written content cannot be published.
  5. Must be attached all related image. If have infographics as the well unique video then you are most welcome.
  6. The contributor must attach his/her original photo as well short but unique bio.

What Does the Freak For Fitness Audience Expect?

Each Week we got a lot of application whose are willing to contribute our website.Few times I ask them, how they find us and most of them are give this search term “write for us” health or “Write for us” Back pain .Most of them are trying to contribute our website with general health information.But before contribute anything please read this segment carefully. Most of the audience on our website comes to read for back pain treatment ideas and information. here is few list that we right now accept as a guest post.

  1. Health: Any health issue that causes Backpain.
  2. Back Pain : Guest author most welcome if he or she had any information about the cause of back pain as well how to relief back pain permanently.
  3. Fitness and training: If a guest contributor has any training guide that can help our audience to relief back pain .
  4. Yoga: Yoga is another great way to relief from back pain . If the guest author has any advance tips then he or she must be welcome.
  5. Inversion therapy: Inversion therapy is another and now a day most popular way to get relief from back pain . If the guest contributor has any advance tips then you can contact us.

How to Contact Us as a Guest Author?

This is Very Simple.Just Fill the form bellow.Our One of Stuffing Member Contact With You as soon as Possible.

Or You can send a direct email : [email protected]

Why Write for Freak For Fitness?

There are a number of reasons to write for InversionTableAdviser.We have a various high-quality social profile which all are health related and using our social media guest contributor can increase his or her social visibility as well can be increased SERP.

  1. A contributor can be getting very targeted traffic from our website.
  2. Guest contributor getting a high-quality backlink from our website. Each Contributor gets 1 do follow backlink from his written content.
  3. Using our Social media, Guest Authors can increase his website’s social signals.

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